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Hello, and a very Happy New Year to all!

Every new year is a gift and I encourage all of us to be grateful for this opportunity to start fresh and make things right! For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram (what are you waiting for? Go follow @mayafiennes!), you will have missed my 7-day countdown to the New Year! We went through everything that we want to be, do, conquer, and get rid of in this brand new year! Don't worry though, the whole sequence is below so you can do your own countdown for these things anytime you like and finally start to see positive change.

Happiness for the New Year

Day 1/7 of countdown - Our intention for the New Year is happiness. How can we be happy and stay happy? Well, contrary to popular belief, happiness is a choice. Do you want to be right or happy? Letting go of the ego, the need to be right, will help us to find happiness. Did you know that there are things you can do to make yourself open to receiving happiness? For instance, the Sat Nam Wahe Guru mantra that we use in this video. 

Click here to learn what happiness is and how we can keep it in our lives. 

Sleep Like a Baby

Day 2/7 of countdown - How to sleep better with the Wahe Guru mantra. Watch the video and silently vibrate Wahe Guru 8 times on the inhale and the exhale. So many people suffer from insomnia, or wake up in the middle of the night and then can't get back to sleep.

Click here to learn why it happens and how to deal with it.

Get Rid of Resentment

Day 3/7 of countdown - Go into the New Year free of resentment! Learn how to forgive... Try visualizing the person you need to forgive in front of you. Watch the video and let go.  

Click here to guide your practice to clear and open the heart chakra and finally get rid of resentment.

Watch What You Say

Day 4/7 of countdown - Intention into the New Year is clarity of language. We have to be aware of the words we're using, saying NO and meaning it, creating boundaries and putting ourselves first. Watch the video and say "NO"!  

Click here to guide your practice to clear and open the throat chakra.

Make Decisions

Day 5/7 of countdown - Making decisions! Believe it or not, it's actually easy! Inhale and exhale through the mouth, 20 to 30 times. Hold your breath on the exhale for as long as you can, then inhale and hold for just a few seconds and release. Watch the video and Enjoy! 

Click here to guide your practice to clear and open the solar plexus chakra. 

Visualize, Visualize, Visualize! 

Day 6/7 of countdown - Meditation with Visualization. Do not underestimate the power of visualization. What we think about, we bring into fruition. So what are you spending your time thinking about? If it's hard to change your thinking pattern throughout the day, why not make a start by doing it in meditation. What the video and give it a try!

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Day 7/7 of countdown: Prosperity! Who could use a little bit of that? Let's bring it into our lives by using the mantra "HAR". Watch the video on how to do it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Thank you so much for watching the countdown, for loving Mondays with Maya and always asking for more, and for following me this year! 

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Love and light,

Maya x

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