Home Truths: The Truth About Negativity and Fear - Mondays with Maya

Home Truths: The Truth About Negativity and Fear - Mondays with Maya

Hello yogis,

Although I am a Kundalini yoga teacher, what I teach is yoga for real life based on Kundalini yoga.

There are challenges in life and if you start dividing the darkness and the light at all times, and you give power to the dark, if you differentiate situations as being “dark” – then that’s what it’s going to be and that’s what you’re going to experience. It's simply the law of attraction. How you choose to see things, dictates how things will be. 


Life is like that and this energy is all around us; it’s dark and light at all times. When you’re going through a dark moment, what you’re experiencing is very real. Absolutely real. It might not just be on the inside either, you may even have physical symptoms to the negative energy like shaking, crying, etc.

So how do we overcome the challenges?

It’s important to pay attention to how we deal with the challenges that we face in life, and also what we choose to dwell on. You choose which wolf you want to feed, what you want to give your attention to.

At all times, there will be darkness all around us. There are so many daily situations that could send us into a downward spiral if we let them so we cannot panic and give our power away to the darkness. Yogi Bhajan said that the reason we practice and learn the teachings of Kundalini yoga is to strengthen our nervous system so that nothing can shake us. We have to become the rock. The rock sits there for thousands of years and it doesn’t get shaken by anything that goes on around it. Let us try to be the rock whereby we do not allow ourselves to get shaken.

If people are falling to bits around us, it’s easy to get sucked into their bad energy and suddenly, we’re sucking other people in too and everybody is pulling each other down and it can be all downhill from there. But if we focus on ourselves and on our own strengths, we won’t be fazed about what is going on around us. We will be the calm in the storm.

Sometimes we ourselves might be the negative energy that could potentially pull everyone else down if we are not careful. We are not blaming anyone here; it’s just how life is. Life has a lot of challenges and it will throw them at us when we least expect it. So are we going to get shaken and break down? If we don’t pick ourselves back up gracefully, things can go downhill pretty quickly.

In Kundalini yoga we learn how to use the breath in such situations. The breath is our first and foremost tool and we should use it to our advantage as soon as we can, as soon as we feel the panic and tension rising. The first and easiest breath we have in our Kundalini toolbox is the one where we inhale deeply, exhale making the SHHHHHHHH sound, and repeat. It works instantaneously.

Kundalini yoga teaches us to make our aura strong. If your aura is strong, you can deal with negative feelings like a pro. Studying the mantras, breathing, and kriyas for the seventh and eighth chakras really help deal with feelings of panic. Lion’s Breath is another great tool. Our aura is our shield. If the shield is strong, it can protect you and nothing can break you. Nothing can grab hold of you without your consent. No entities or energy can consume you.

You have to take the power back. You are a powerful human being. We are a spiritual being having a human experience. Remember that. We can do anything. We really have to take that power and in trying situations say, “What is this? Is this going to scare me? What exactly is it that scares me right now?”

When my kids were little, they were scared of the bushes. Somehow it had gotten into them that there was something in the bushes that was dangerous or scary, so they wanted mama to come and save the day. I took them over to the bushes and showed them there was nothing there, and that seemed to do the trick. That’s not to say that there is literally nothing in the bushes. All manner of woodland animals and insects could have been in there, but the point is that if you face your fear head-on, more often than not, there is nothing to worry about or fear. Today is the tomorrow you were worrying about yesterday.

Of course, some situations in life are very real and worrying, but the way life works is that whatever vibrations you’re on, whatever frequency you have at that time, that’s what the entities are going to match with you. The higher the vibration, the higher the frequency, the stronger the aura, the stronger the electromagnetic field, the stronger your energy points, the stronger the nervous system, so nothing can shake you. You become that rock.

Remember to take the power back and stop grouping around with people who talk negatively, people who blame, and those who gossip. Gossip is the lowest vibration ever. Yogi Bhajan said that if you see people gossiping, you need to tell them you don’t agree with them and remove yourself from their company if you can’t convince them not to gossip.

If you’re having a negative feeling, the solution is to try to get yourself feeling positive again, not to share the negative feeling with others in an attempt to get them on the same negative wavelength as you.

Removing gossip and gossipers from your life is a great way to become more mature and more spiritual. You’re on the way to becoming the master of your life. You have to be willing to communicate positively and to be conscious.

Sharing this planet with others is a blessing but sometimes, with all these energies flying around, it can get hard. We’re put together and somehow we just have to make it work, and it can be difficult at times. In real life and on social media especially, everybody has something to say, and everybody pulls each other down and people try to convince you of things that you know in your heart aren’t particularly right or true, so just be aware.

Kundalini is about awakening, it’s a science, it’s a technology to wake up, to wake you up from a dream state. To wake you up from that shaky feeling of negativity and everything that comes with it. As kundalini yoga teachers, we teach others how not to fall into the same trap of negativity that we may have fallen into in the past. It’s very easy to blame other people for our negativity and fear but ultimately, it comes from within us and is something we have to deal with personally.

You as an individual have to be responsible for your emotions and for the words you’re using. Look at yourself, think and listen to yourself and to what you’re saying, and what you give your power to.

Spending time alone is great. The ancestors knew what they were on about with meditation. A time to be with yourself for a while. We all need that. Remove yourself from the company and the energy of others. Stand somewhere alone on the ground. Really ground yourself. Go into meditation and ask yourself, why did you feel what you felt? What are you feeling exactly? Why did you say what you said? Take responsibility if you behaved a certain way, always being gentle.

Only then can you ever feel ready to be a master of yourself, and able to teach others. Only then can you actually be awakened and to see what is really happening around us. Only then can you be awakened to the truth.

Yoga for Real Life gives you solutions to everyday problems, for instance, when the panic starts to arise and you feel short of breath, do the protection mantra. Life gives us situations every single day where we can exercise all that we have learned.

Week 1 of The Maya Fiennes Method is all about tapping into that fear and teaching ourselves how to deal with it. 

Here are some free tools that I provide for overcoming fear. I hope you find them helpful. This is a short yet effective meditation you can do to kick fear's butt. 

I've also prepared this 5-day "Beating the Fear" meditation course, with a different fear-busting technique every day.

Here is the one-hour Facebook live session I provided to The Maya Fiennes Method students to help them with their journey to bust the fear.

Be open. Be aware. Listen to yourself. Be awakened to your positions and your actions. Try your best.

Sat nam.

Maya x

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thanx so much Maya… I practicing yoga by myself at home, and your inspiration is essential for me. When I make long breaks, or start doubting my yoga practice, there you are to remind me to keep up and be more regular.. I discovered kundalini thanx to you and your first released yoga videos… THANX for being on this planet… Gina from Sarajevo


Thank you Maya, just what I needed to hear. I love the buddha quote too. I had forgotten how your wonderful words and sincerity shine through any negativity and my difficulties seem easier to bear.

Krysia Soutar

Thankyou maya for sharing your wisdom 🙏

Joanne bale

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