The Truth About Hosting Health Retreats Around the World - Mondays with Maya

Sat Nam

In case you didn't know, Sat Nam means "true identity" and today, I'm going to be completely truthful with you (as always - you should know by now that I love TRUTH, and I've even got the word tattoed on myself)!

I was honored to be part of my friend, Yuri Elkaim's Healthpreneur podcast... And I was real with him. We discussed successes and failures, motivations and ambitions, as well as what it's like as a wellness professional mixing the digital world with the real world. Grab a beverage and have a listen.

Hosting Health Retreats Around the World - Mondays with Maya

It's not always smooth sailing but with the right mindset, some gold old self-love and awareness, you can see your vision manifesting. My favorite way to manifest intentions is through mantra (my favorite way to do anything is through mantra!) and I highly recommend it! Try this small exercise that we use to manifest intentions using the mantra "HAR": -

Cross the arms out in front of you using breath of fire and with each short breath, cross one arm in front of the other repeating the mantra "HAR" inside of you.

In addition to mantra, you can try affirmations! I found this nice and simple one and wanted to share it with you: -

Don't forget to tell yourself this every single day! Also, if you want to get in touch with your TRUTH, try my online Kundalini Yoga class of the same name!

A Journey Through The Chakras 5: Truth

Let me know what you think and how you go about manifesting your intentions! You can also send me any questions/comments) on social media (TwitterInstagram or Facebook), or comment at the bottom of this post, or send me an email at

Lots of love,

Maya x

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