How To Attract Success and Abundance - Mondays with Maya

How To Attract Success and Abundance - Mondays with Maya

Before the new year arrives, we are still on a mission to set intentions so that we can bring in this new year in the best way possible! 

How To Attract Success and Abundance - Mondays with Maya

Do you want to know how to use Kundalini yoga to bring success and abundance into your life? Look no further!

Here's how to do the Kundalini yoga tip for attracting success using the mantra "HAR": -

1. Put the sides of your hands together (at the side of the index finger knuckle) then switch and touch the other side (at the side of the little finger knuckle), with the thumbs crossing and the left thumb on top.

2. With every tap of the hands together, say the mantra "HAR" (rolling the Rs) and continue for as long as you like. You can start at 3 minutes, working your way up to 11 minutes, then 20 minutes and even more if you so wish!

What Does Success Mean To You?

There are so many things we find ourselves wanting especially around this time of year. We keep making lists, for ourselves and for others of things that we want. It's not bad to want things and to want the best for yourself but if you set an intention to bring success and wealth into your life, soon you will have these things and then you won't want for anything!

Another thing to think about is how we define success. Success means different things to each of us, but I love how Maya Angelou puts it: Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.

So, do you? Something to think about.

Till next week,

Love and light,

Maya xx

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