How To Unlock The Kundalini Energy - Mondays with Maya

How To Unlock The Kundalini Energy - Mondays with Maya


If you've been following Mondays with Maya these past few weeks you'll have seen that we have been focusing a lot about Kundalini Energy! This week I wanted to give you a little tip on how to unlock the Kundalini Energy so that you can reap its full benefits! 

How To Unlock The Kundalini Energy - Mondays with Maya

The Kundalini Energy is located at the base chakra, in the fourth vertebrae, near the anus so the best way to unlock this energy is by stimulating the pelvic floor area. Try this simple exercise which squeezes and releases the pelvic floor and is highly effective in unlocking the Kundalini Energy.

  • In a seated, cross-legged position, place hands on knees or calves.
  • Move back and forth in a rolling movement, tilting the pelvis backwards and forwards. On the inhale, come forward, open the neck and stretch the shoulders, tilt the head up, bringing the belly forward, and on the exhale, bring the energy down; roll the shoulders down, bring the head down, and tuck the chin in.
  • Every time we do this movement, we want to squeeze the pelvic area - the mula bandha - (the exact area we want to stimulate to unlock the Kundalini energy) and by moving in a similar way as we would riding a horse, the Kundalini energy starts moving up to the crown which is the goal. Keep breathing deeply, keep going back and forth, moving the head forward and back. You can opt not to move the head, and only move the pelvis.
  • After about a minute of rocking, stop and inhale. Hold the breath, squeeze the navel and anus and the whole area of the first 3 chakras, relax the shoulders, relax the eyes and all the facial muscles, then smile and release the breath.
  • Continue for 3 minutes, or 7 minutes and work your way up to 11 minutes. 

It's an easy but powerful exercise. Let me know how you get on. 

Lots of love,

Maya x

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