Intimacy and Relationships with Family Constellations - Mondays With Maya

Intimacy and Relationships with Family Constellations - Mondays With Maya

Hello, everyone!

I have been attending family constellations sessions, a workshop on intimacy and relationships with the amazing intuitive Croatian healer and shaman, Vlada, a very interesting individual with amazing theories and practices to really help get to the root of our intimacy issues. 

Intimacy and Relationships with Family Constellations - Mondays With Maya

Family Constellations - Order of Love

Family constellation sessions have profound healing effects that exceed the limits of classical therapeutic work. Our lives are governed by our unconscious as well as our cognitive consciousness. The unconscious is constantly ready to work for us, but it is our rational consciousness that can stand in its way, sometimes.   

While participating in the seminar and workshop it is easy to understand what the main causes for stopping the flow of the client`s life force energy really are, as well as what the real natural order is. Altogether they pave the way for effective forces to start work for the client again. The Family Constellation method can be applied to all spheres of human relationships, whereas the essence of setting up a family constellation is to examine where the real pain, or blockage in the system is.  Once we know and understand them, they lose their power over us. Recognizing the deepest pain and accepting our destiny as it is will release our energy flow. And this source of our personal strength is something that we need in our everyday life.

The essence of the Family Constellation is not searching for the guilty. The aim is actually to understand some present, hidden dynamics often existing in family relationships. We are not able to change some events that already happened, but we can surely look at them from another perspective. After we see them as they really are, we come in contact with all they contain then – both good and bad. 

You can learn more about Vlada and his amazing work at

Love and light,

Maya x

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