Kundalini Yoga For Beginners - Mondays With Maya

Kundalini Yoga For Beginners - Mondays With Maya

Hello and Happy Monday! 

A lot of people ask me how to start getting into Kundalini Yoga. They've heard of its benefits or seen their friends who do Kundalini yoga reap the benefits and they want to get on board! So here's a little guide on Kundalini Yoga for beginners.

Kundalini Yoga For Beginners - Mondays With Maya

Breath of Fire is a great place to start for beginners. It brings fire into your body and detoxifies the system, bringing lots of oxygen and making chemical changes in the brain. You do it by sniffing through the nose, short equal amounts of air. You inhale and the stomach goes out, and exhale and the stomach goes in. Click on the video above to see how to do it.

I try to provide a lot of information on my site about Kundalini Yoga. You can check out my Yoga with Maya or Meditation with Maya pages. My Youtube channel is chock-full of free videos for you to start to get familiar with Kundalini Yoga.

Maya Fiennes Kundalini Yoga

Alternatively, you can check out my specially tailored 7-week, complete lifestyle, yoga and meditation program, The Maya Fiennes Method, that deals with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness and sadness, helping you finally find clarity, calmness, contentment, happiness and health using the amazing tools Kundalini Yoga provides.

You can also send me your messages on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook or by commenting below, and let me know what in particular you need help with and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible! Add yourself to my private yoga group "Maya Fiennes Yoga For Real Life" and let's continue the discussion in there!

If you are familiar with Kundalini and are trying to get your friends and family into it too, feel free to share this with them! 

Love and light,

Maya x

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I find my self getting emotional after the detox and destress class. My emotions are from happy, content and next time anxious, anger, also feeling weepy and sad. I have been a mass gage therapist for thirty years and I can compare these releases to that. kundalini yoga a quicker outcome .


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