How To Get Inspired By Art - Mondays With Maya

How To Get Inspired By Art - Mondays With Maya

Hi, friends,

Sometimes we find ourselves lacking in inspiration. It happens to the best of us, and usually at the most unfortunate times, i.e. when we need to hand in a project or generally be at our best! Well, I have just the thing for when you need a boost of inspiration!

How To Get Inspired By Art - Mondays With Maya

I went to see the amazing Alvin Ailey dance group at the Dorothy Chandler theater in Los Angeles, and man, did they inspire me! Here's a small snippet of what mesmerized me.

Working on the lower triangle chakras with Kundalini yoga is great for creativity, and you can check out my Courage and Creativity DVD for that, but this week, for an extra boost of inspiration, I would suggest that you get yourself to a show. Whether a theater show, or a dance or music act, go and see some inspiration live in action and I can almost guarantee that it will rub off and get your creative juices flowing! It works with me every time!

Let me know what you go and see!

Love and blessings,

Maya x

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