Mondays With Maya Halloween Edition - How to Get Out Of Your Mind's Spider Web

Mondays With Maya Halloween Edition - How to Get Out Of Your Mind's Spider Web

Happy Halloween!

Do you ever feel stuck in life? It could be a work situation, or a relationship issue, or maybe you just don't know where you are going in life. Have a look at how you can unstick yourself from any sticky situation in this week's Mondays With Maya video.

How to Get Out Of Your Spider Web - Mondays With Maya

If you ever find yourself trapped, like a little fly caught in the sticky grip of a spider's deathly web, don't panic. Although there may be times in our lives where we feel helpless and stuck just like that little fly, there are things that we can do about it (unlike that poor fly).

It's all about being able to clear our minds so that we can get it into decision-making mode. Sometimes it's not a matter of not knowing what to do, in fact, we might know exactly what we have to do, but have trouble doing it. Try the breathing technique in my video above. The deep inhales and exhales will help to neutralise the nervous system which will make you more decisive so that you know when the right time to "unstick" yourself will be.

With the help of clarity of the mind which will come with neutralising your immune system by way of correct breathing, you'll finally be able to be decisive and say, "Now is the moment. I wont put up with this person/job/life anymore." Do the breathing exercise for the whole week and don't forget to let me know how you got on.

For more clarity of mind, have a look at the third week of the 7 Minutes, 7 Days, 7 Weeks program with Maya Fiennes which was designed for exactly this problem, getting yourself un-stuck.

This program is a total workout to help you deal with obstacles, feeling stuck, feelings of anger and suppression. These issues more often than not are the main cause of digestive Issues, bloating, gas, IBS and a leaky gut. In this series, Maya walks you through dealing with indigestion and stomach issues, clearing obstacles and manifesting desires, increasing will-power, releasing emotional baggage, anger and resentment, and learning how to meditate.


Wishing you all a very happy Halloween!


Maya x

P.S. Don't forget to try out my 7 Minutes, 7 Days, 7 Weeks of Mindfulness and Yoga with Maya Fiennes programme and connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where I'll regularly share free yoga and breathing tips and inspirations from around the world.

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