Mondays with Maya: How to Connect With Nature and Open Your Heart Chakra

Mondays with Maya: How to Connect With Nature and Open Your Heart Chakra

Hello, friends!

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks working through the chakras—and this week’s video is all about accessing and clearing the heart, or Anahata, chakra. This mantra is one of my absolute favorites!

The heart chakra, or fourth chakra, is located right in the center of your chest. It’s easy to understand what this chakra represents! This is where our love, compassion, and kindness live. When the heart chakra is aligned, we feel love for ourselves and for others. When it’s out of balance, we lose our personal boundaries and make unhealthy choices in our relationships. Physically, it can manifest as an elevated heart rate or heartburn.

When the heart chakra is in balance, you might feel:
- Love for yourself
- Love for others
- Caring and compassion towards others
- Generous
- Kind
- Respectful of others

When the heart chakra is out of balance, you might feel:
- Judgmental
- Guarded
- Lose your personal boundaries
- Develop unhealthy relationships
- Like you’re lacking self-esteem
- Unsupported by others

I recently spent some time camping in the Moab Desert—it is such a beautiful place, and truly a national treasure. While I was there, I was moved by how connected I felt to nature… sleeping under a blanket of stars and a nearly full moon can do that to you!

Surrounded by the beauty of Moab, I was completely overcome with gratitude. It was as if my heart chakra had cracked open and expanded, and the Kundalini mantra Ong So Hung came to mind instantly!

Ong So Hung is a powerful heart-centered mantra that connects you to nature and makes you feel one with the Universe. It means, “I am you, I am peace, peace is in me.” This mantra works to directly expand the heart chakra—practice it daily and you’ll notice yourself becoming more and more open.

Find yourself in a quiet, calm place. Sit in easy pose, and repeat the mantra. As you say, hung, feel it vibrating out of your chest, activating your heart chakra. Repeat for one full minute (or longer, if you like!) every morning. Try this mantra regularly and you’ll experience deep feelings of gratitude, warmth, bliss, and love!

Take a look at the video to hear exactly how to sing the mantra—and for more easy exercises that will clear your chakras and align your body’s energies, check out my Maya Fiennes Method program.

I can’t wait to hear what you think about Ong So Hung, and I’ll see you next Monday!


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