Nothing Lasts Forever - Mondays With Maya

Nothing Lasts Forever - Mondays With Maya

Hi there and welcome to another Mondays With Maya post!

What do you feel when you hear the saying, "Nothing Lasts Forever?" Does it make you sad? What if I told you that this was a good thing?

Nothing Lasts Forever - Mondays With Maya

People often use the saying, "Nothing Lasts Forever," in a negative way but I turned it around to give it a positive spin and, you know what? It actually gives me freedom. People, relationships, jobs, situations... The feeling that nothing lasts forever gives you a chance to open and expand and to think about things differently.

When we know that nothing lasts forever it gives us a freedom to enjoy the moment and any new situation that life brings and thats how we learn and grow. If you believe it and behave like nothing lasts forever, and if you accept it, you are not attached to the notion of things lasting forever and it gives you freedom. A freedom of attachment. And as we all know...

When we don't feel attached to something, that's when it probably will last forever, because when you remove the attachment, good things happen. I'll leave you with this quote on attachment from my good friend, Deepak Chopra.

Lots of (attachment free) love,

Maya x

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