Setting Intentions for Prosperity - Mondays With Maya

Setting Intentions for Prosperity - Mondays With Maya

Did everyone have a good Christmas? I hope so! Today we're getting back to setting our intentions for the new year and this week's subject is... Prosperity!

Setting Intentions for Prosperity - Mondays with Maya Fiennes

This week I got to hang out with Steffan Hoffman, a mindful product designer and entrepreneur living in Santa Monica, California. We discussed our intentions for the new year which is prosperity for ourselves, our loves ones, and all the good people around the world. Here's a small exercise we used to cement this intention using the mantra "HAR": -

Cross the arms out in front of you using breath of fire and with each short breath, cross one arm in front of the other repeating the mantra "HAR" inside of you.

Steffan is the founder of Niyama. Niyama creates alternative wellness products and content that promote a conscious and balanced lifestyle. The day-to-day stress and increased workload has caused a silent pandemic of anti-depressant, stimulant, and alcohol usage in Western culture. This has led to an imbalance of our physical and spiritual energies, causing decreased self-awareness, lowered consciousness and toxic work environments. Niyama was created to help people find Mother Earth inspired alternative healing products, ideas and perspectives to combat this pandemic. Check out their products at

Hope you have a wonderful relaxing week as you prepare to enter into the new year with lots of love and... Prosperity!

Love and light,

Maya x

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