The Future of "Yoga for Real Life" - Mondays with Maya

A big hello from sunny Crete!

I've been here at the quaint, beach-front Coral Hotel on Crete Island for a week exactly, and I can't begin to describe how wonderful it is. This cute little family-owned and run hotel has its own little private beach which we dip in every day. Walking along the shore, we reach the other nearby beaches - we are spoilt for choice! The views from all around are simply breathtaking. The staff here at the Coral are catering to our every need, including preparing our three delicious buffet meals fresh every day. But the best part by far has been meeting, getting to know, and mingling with this year's group of "Yoga for Real Life" teacher training students. They are all amazing in their own way, from all different walks of life, and we are greatly enjoying this journey together. One of these students is Caitlin, and at just 16, she's my youngest student ever!

The Future of "Yoga for Real Life" - Mondays with Maya

Here are some more highlights from our time here at the 2018 Maya Fiennes "Yoga for Real Life" teacher training so far.

It's been a chock-full week of Kundalini yoga, both practice and theory, a lot of food, swimming, and hikes, and we've been sharing so much inspiration and a lot of laughter... and we've got so much more to come! I'm trying to enjoy every moment but it seems to be going by so quickly. Time certainly does fly when you're in paradise!

"I Want Some of That!"

That's what you all keep telling me! If you wanted to join me in Greece this year but couldn't make it for whatever reason, don't worry, I'll be holding the 2019 "Yoga for Real Life" teacher training here also, so comment below or send me an email at if you'd like to be considered for a place. It's also not too late to experience some Greek magic with me - you can book your spot at the "Journey Through the Chakras" retreat on June 29-July 6 in Evia, Greece

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Love and positive vibes,

Maya x

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