What is Kundalini Yoga? - Mondays With Maya

What is Kundalini Yoga? - Mondays With Maya

Sat nam!

I'm always asked so many questions pertaining to Kundalini Yoga, meditation, the chakras, etc., which is to be expected, and I love answering these questions especially if it means getting more and more people into practicing Kundalini yoga! So I've prepared a series of videos in which I answer the most frequently asked Kundalini questions, and this week we start with the very basics!

What is Kundalini Yoga? - Mondays With Maya

Kundalini yoga is a system of yoga and meditation specifically directed towards the release of the Kundalini energy, a dormant female energy that lies coiled like a snake at the base of the spine. Kundalini yoga a combination of pranayama (yogic breathing), asanas (yoga positions/poses), or kriyas (a sequence of exercises), meditation and mantras, with the goal of awakening the Kundalini Energy (called Kundalini Awakening)! In the coming weeks, I'll discuss more about Kundalini Energy, Kundalini Awakening, how to awaken the Kundalini Energy and what happens what the Kundalini Energy is awakened! So stay tuned!   

Life is a Game of Chess!

I've always felt that life is like a game of chess. We are all players in this game of life, and it's up to us what our next move will be, which can get confusing and can be daunting. But with the tool box which is Kundalini Yoga, we have all the tools we need to help us to consciously make our moves with clarity, so that the outcome of our lives is one which we have chosen and desire instead of just letting life take us along for the ride. 

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For more about how to find and use the Kundalini Yoga toolbox to your advantage in everyday life, have a look at my specially tailored 7-week, complete lifestyle, yoga and meditation program, The Maya Fiennes Method, that deals with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness and sadness, helping you finally find clarity, calmness, contentment, happiness and health!

What other questions have you always wondered about? Send me your messages on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook or by replying to this email, and I'll do my best to answer them!

Lots of love,

Maya x

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