Confidence and Energy with Yogi Mika - Mondays With Maya

Confidence and Energy with Yogi Mika - Mondays With Maya

Sat Nam, friends!

I'm continuing on the theme of confidence this week and I've got a couple of great little confidence-boosting exercises for you, with the help of my friend, yogi and musician from Paris, Mika de Brito.

Confidence Boosting Exercises - Mondays with Maya

Kundalini Exercise for Confidence

Here's a small exercise to calm you down and get you confident with the help of fire, the most fearless element!

  • Close your eyes and rub your hands together, making them really warm. 
  • Keeping the eyes closed, put left hand on the stomach, and right hand on top of the left.
  • Concentrate on the heat of your hands resonating to the stomach. 
  • Think of how you created this heat by yourself. Think of how heat and fire are at the center of everything, the earth, the universe, and you.
  • Just breathe. 

Kundalini Exercise for Transfering Energy

Here is an exercise which is about the transference/transmuting of the energies, when you need a little extra build up of energy to boost your confidence. It's a white tantric male/female balancing of energies where one person gives the energy and the other person receives it.

Yogi Mika de Brito and Maya Fiennes

  • Sit in a comfortable position opposite your partner and look into each other's eyes.
  • The giver will place their downward turned hands over the upward turned hands of the receiver. 
  • Keep looking into your partner's eyes. Relax your shoulders, relax your face and breathe normally. 
  • Stay there as long as you want and as long as you feel that you need to.
  • Swap the hands, around and let the giver become the receiver and vice versa. 

About Yogi Mika

Yogi Mika was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga in 1997 and has been an avid fan ever since going on to become a teacher. In 2011, he was invited by Jivamukti co-founder Sharon Gannon to do the Jivamukti teacher training in the United States. He is based in Paris and plays an array of musical instruments including the hang drum, guitar, and the didgeridoo. Here he is performing some amazing Mongolian chanting.

His style of yoga "depends on the style of people I have in front of me," he says, but he is well-known for teaching a lively vinyasa class, as well as slower, more meditative, musical classes. He believes that yoga is an intelligent form of gymnastics, with strength, and balance, bringing people together. For more information, you can visit his website or Facebook.

Let me know how you get on with this week's exercises!

Sending you lots of confident energy!


Maya x

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