4-Day Water Fast Detox! - Nutrition with Maya Fiennes

4-Day Water Fast Detox! - Nutrition with Maya Fiennes

Hi, everybody!

As you may know, I've been doing a 4-day water-fast detox and documenting my progress on my social media. I wrote a daily blog of my experience. I started it on Sunday the 9th of July at 6pm. I woke up in the morning and left for Desert Springs to a little detox place with 3 small pools of natural spring water.


When I got here, they asked me, "how did you find us?” and I said, "it found me!" I seriously don’t know how I got to this place exactly. I was supposed to go to the place in Santa Rose that specializes in water-fasting, and it's even monitored by doctors. Hmmm... I got a bit alarmed as it seems that water-fasting is not easy; people take it very seriously! But they were booked up until the end of August, so I remember asking the Universe to guide me to a place where I can just chill, drink water, swim, rest, meditate...

Et voila! Here I am!


So I arrived at 1pm on 10 July. I had a lymphatic massage at 2:30 which was BLISS! I tried to sleep afterwards but I didn’t manage it... I did close my eyes and rest though. 

Got up at 6pm and had hunger pains. I guess that dinner time was reminding me that it was time to eat! Instinctively, I went into Child Pose and it worked!! I was so excited. Then I went out. Phew, it was hot and windy and I made a short video sharing my tip of the day. Then I had more energy and swam 40 laps. I had an Epsom salt bath and then sat down to write this.

I drank 3 littles of water and my urine is totally clear, no color at all. Healthy, healthy!


OK, last night I couldn’t sleep. It's strange, I felt kind of tired and you would think it would be easy to just go to sleep. Not so. I guess the body is going through a healing process and maybe not sure what's happening and stalling everything. Anyways, eventually, I fell asleep at 2am.

This morning was slow. Not many hunger pains anymore, but a feeling of needing something... That something at this pint is FOOD! Breakfast time, body clock saying I want coffee...

Then I stood up quickly and I had a head rush... A reminder to take is slowly. So I took a pinch of Himalayan salt and a lick of Manuka honey (which I brought with me as I have a low blood pressure and sometimes need a little "pick me up"). That's exactly what got me through day 2! Is that cheating? Maybe... But I listened to my body and I'm proud of that.

The reason I did this cleanse is to get rid of aches and pains in my muscles and joints... and it's working!


I'm defiantly slowing down. I don’t even want to drink water anymore, but I know I have to! Finally, today I am much calmer, very meditative, pensive... So glad my chatter is dying out. Phew!

I was reflecting on how grateful I am to have this opportunity to do this water-fast, to switch off. I don’t talk to anyone; it's like Vapasana, a silent retreat.

Tip of the day, I did a soap enema... Yes, you heard me! I know it sounds weird, but this is an old-fashioned trick they use in my country, Macedonia. Basically, you make warm water very milky by rubbing soap with your hands, then put the milky soapy water in the enema bottle and apply it. Don't hold the water in like with a coffee enema; just release it immediately. It works by the body rejecting the soap, and in this way, it pulls out lots of toxins. It's very effective.

I did have some emotions coming up. It's interesting to observe which emotion comes out first which means that's the emotion that needs to be released the most. It's just been sitting at the surface waiting for a good moment to be released.


Last day of the water-fast detox. I am more energized, probably because of the idea that it's the last day. Mentally, my body is getting ready to eat again, so I feel happier.

I bought a Tai herbal massage ball here at the resort and I used it. It's full of delicious healing herbs which are great for muscle pains. I did the ‘tapping technique’ all around my body and so felt immediately better.

Another thing I noticed is that my skin is looking very fresh and even the bags under my eyes have disappeared... Yay! 

I am so pleased with myself that I did this fast! I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it and I succeeded. So now I'd like to do this twice a year as I think it's super beneficial. Clearing my body, relaxing my mind and feeling BLISSFUL!



Who else did the fast and what were your experiences? I'd love to hear from you!

Lots of love and until our next crazy adventure,

Maya x

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