Cooking is Meditation - Coconut Soup Recipe

Cooking is Meditation - Coconut Soup Recipe

OK, this is a super easy, super healthy, super yummy coconut soup recipe! Don't think you have to measure it all, just do it by feeling and instinct... Feel how much of any ingredients you need/want to put in... use your judgment, common sense and your intuition.

This is how we practice yoga... It's not just another cooking class. It is meditation. It's a mindful cooking session. You will be amazed what happens when you allow yourself to flow with it and not be stuck with measurements and plans, etc... Treat it like painting a picture... Be creative and add ingredients that inspire you.

When you add love to your food, it literally changes the molecular structure and the taste is incredible... Enjoy!



  • coconut milk
  • bone broth
  • one onion
  • kaffir lime
  • tamarind paste
  • lemon grass
  • mushrooms
  • chicken
  • galangal
  • fish sauce


Basically, put it all in a pot and cook it for 10 minutes. Et voila!

Let me know how you got on and what adjustments you made, and your own personal little touches!


Maya x

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