Yoga Retreats with Maya Fiennes

All Maya's retreats can be enjoyed by every level of experience. If you are new to kundalini yoga and would like a brief introduction to its specific benefits, check out our guide on how kundalini yoga can help you from realising your full potential to natural pain relief and lower back exercises.

Each retreat is carefully designed by Maya to allow you to take time out from your everyday life, treat yourself to beautiful surroundings and explore the many facets of kundalini yoga. Maya's care, energy and creative talent make each retreat a special and life-affirming experience, which will not only enrich your understanding of kundalini yoga, but also inspire you to use this knowledge to improve or balance your own life.

Maya Fiennes Yoga Retreats

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3 Responses

Sonia Bullock
Sonia Bullock

December 01, 2016

Any yoga retreats in Florida, USA for 2017?


September 04, 2016

Macht super viel Spaß, genau meins, danke!

Janet Richards
Janet Richards

August 20, 2016

do you have any yoga retreats planned please?



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