Yoga for Real Life

''The effervescent, charismatic Maya Fiennes will do for relaxation and yoga what Nigella Lawson did for food and cookery. In "Yoga for Real Life", she has written a book aimed at bringing yoga principles into all aspects of your everyday life. It is full of yoga tips, exercises and wisdom. ''

Yoga for Real Life - Maya Fiennes Book

A Book That Can Change Your Life...

Maya Fiennes, who teaches the Kundalini method of yoga both face-to-face and on Sky TV, introduces her method, shares her story, and reveals the secrets of Kundalini Yoga that have helped her and her students to manage the stresses and strains of everyday life, the challenges that most of us encounter at some stage in our lives.

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Chapters include: 'Be Here, Now', 'Detox and De-stress', 'Self esteem', 'Staying Youthful' and 'Love and Relationships'. Combining poses, breathing, chanting and meditation to give you a full mind-body workout, with recipes, mantras and Maya's personal story, and illustrated with full-colour photographs by David 'Jamie Oliver' Loftus, Maya shows how yoga practice and philosophy can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. "Yoga for Real Life" is a book for your handbag, your desk, and your bedside table: your indispensable guide to achieving the most from your daily life - for the rest of your life.