Maya Method introduction videos

In this 7-week fully comprehensive lifestyle program, Maya have created a 7-minute daily video for each of the 49 days of the program that will teach you Kundalini Yoga and meditation techniques to find courage, clarity, relief, calmness, happiness, healthy relationships and love.


In this video, I share my personal journey with Kundalini Yoga and how it has positively impacted my life and the lives of my students. The Maya Fiennes Method video series is created to address daily challenges and offers 7-minute videos that provide comprehensive training for a healthier and happier life. The focus is on making the practices accessible even for busy individuals.


In this video I introduce the third week of the Maya Fiennes Method, focusing on overcoming obstacles, feeling stuck, and improving digestion. The practices involve releasing energy in the stomach, clearing emotional baggage, and learning meditation techniques. The importance of visualization, specific goals, and letting go of attachment is emphasized. Mindful eating and a nutritious shake recipe are recommended. The mantra "A RAM" is introduced as a tool for releasing obstacles