Maya Fiennes "Yoga For Real Life" Kundalini RYT200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Greece June 2018

I am so happy to announce the Maya Fiennes "Yoga for Real Life" Kundalini RYT200-Hour Intensive One-Month Yoga Teacher Training 2018 in sunny Greece!

Maya Fiennes "Yoga For Real life" Kundalini RYT200-Hour Intensive One-Month Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Here are the basics:

When: 4-28 June 2018
Where: Coral Hotel, Frangokastello, Crete Island, Greece

  • $4300 (triple occupancy)
  • $4650 (double occupancy)
  • $4990 (single occupancy) 

There will be a 10% increase in the price for bookings received after 31 January 2018 so hurry to receive your early bird special rate!

Reserve your spot now for the 2018 teacher training!

For some people, yoga is about fitness and for others it is about spirituality... For Maya, it's about Real Life. This program has been specially designed to be more than just “learn how to teach yoga.” This is a transformative experience that WILL change your life! 

Coral Crete Maya Fiennes Treacher Training

The course is certified by Yoga Alliance UK and anyone who completes this intensive Teacher Training course plus continual assessment will become an internationally Certified Yoga Instructor, qualified to teach Maya Fiennes "Yoga for Real Life" worldwide. All students will get Student Membership to Yoga Alliance during training and this can be up graded to full membership once they are certified. Upon completion you will be eligible for the Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) designation from Yoga Alliance UK.

Maya Fiennes Kundalini Teacher Training

Are You Ready?

This program is right for you if: -

  • You want to ignite some seriously positive momentum in your life
  • You love Kundalini yoga and you want to know how to use it to better your life and the lives of others
  • You want to contribute to the enlightenment and well-being of others
  • You want to learn how to teach yoga safely, knowledgeably and confidently
  • You want to learn the basic principles, philosophies and teachings of yoga
  • You want to learn how to teach yoga safely, knowledgeably and confidently
  • You want to offer yourself the gift of having everything taken care of so you can focus on your journey
  • You LOVE the idea of supplementing your training experience with relaxing activities like swimming and hiking and spending time with like-minded people


Maya Fiennes Kundalini Teacher Training

  • Are you ready to feel rock-solid, grounded and present to life?
  • Are you ready to step into the shoes of the person you know you’re meant to become?
  • Is something telling you that this is the opportunity you’ve been searching for?
  • If the answer is yes, we can’t wait to have you join us! We will have so much fun!

Places are going fast; Book your spot today!

What is included?

  • 24 nights of beachfront accommodations at the Coral Hotel, Crete Island, Greece
  • 3 delicious vegetarian/vegan meals each day
  • Tea and coffee available all day long
  • Comfortable, renovated, eco-friendly accommodations
  • Free WiFi
  • Lessons led by the internationally renowned Maya Fiennes
  • Effective sequencing methods that work for building well-rounded classes
  • A lot of yoga with Maya!
  • Built-in support network of like-minded individuals + fellow yoga teachers
  • Comprehensive Asana Yoga Teacher Training Manual
  • Upon completion, you will receive your 200-hour Yoga Alliance UK Teacher Certification and be a qualified registered yoga teacher internationally!

About Maya

Maya Fiennes is a force of nature. Her down to earth and simple approach to yoga is built on many years of study and personal practice. Her teachings are based on the very best techniques for the physical as well as spiritual side of yoga, unlocking its secrets to create life changing experiences for her students throughout the world. Her in-depth knowledge and passion for yoga has given her the tools to help her students worldwide to deal and cope with the pressures in our everyday lives. If you are experiencing challenges, Maya can help steer you towards an easy to follow practice to help eliminate the problem physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Maya's methods are based on stimulating the powerful centres in the body: the chakras, to identify what blockages her students are experiencing and finding the best yoga practice to address them. Maya believes that our bodies hold the keys to our success and can also set our limitations. Working with the Chakras to decode what our bodies tell us and putting together the answers to unlock our ultimate potential is Maya's specialty. That is what sits at the heart of her philosophy, her passion, her Yoga for Real Life. Over the last few years Maya has grown far beyond the yoga studio, taking her teachings across various mediums, including TV, 20 DVDs, several CDs, events, workshops, retreats and merchandise. Maya is featured daily on TV in several countries around the world, and her book, "Yoga for Real Life", has been translated into several languages and has already sold several tens of thousands copies worldwide.

Testimonials from previous Maya Fiennes "Yoga For Real Life" Teacher Training Students

Maya Fiennes Kundalini Teacher Training

"I successfully completed Maya's Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Programme in 2015 and it has changed my life. It was an amazing journey. Maya really is a pioneer in the yoga field and to be in her presence is an absolute joy. Maya's energy and vitality is contagious, she has such a breadth of knowledge and wisdom and her teaching style is creative, inspiring and uplifting. The course itself was a mixture of lectures, classes, group discussions, practical sessions, personal development exercises and teaching practise sessions. There was always time for fun and new experiences whilst learning with Maya but the course was also in-depth and challenging too with plenty of soul-searching. Completing the training has given me a focus and strong belief in myself. My mind is more quiet and I have come to terms with my past. I feel energised, happier, healthier and wiser. It has helped me strengthen my relationships, awaken my creativity and feel more balanced than ever before. On top of this it's enabled me to embark upon a new career doing something I love. I started teaching straight away and have not looked back (I have come a long way - before the course I suffered with terrible anxiety and was a nervous wreck speaking in front of even a few people). I am so enjoying spreading the kundalini love Maya style and you will too."
- Beth Morgan

"Maya Fiennes really has created a Yoga For Real Life. She is amazing and inspiring. She takes so much knowledge and makes it digestible and applicable to the everyday person. It’s like a manual for getting balanced within the human body and focusing the mind. And it’s tangible!  Maya is amazing. She really knows how to guide people into their greater self and stay there."

"Kundalini yoga and doing the training with Maya has changed my life, it has given me a focus. I am now able to make plans for the future, plans that I am excited about and I feel that my future is clear. My mind is kinder and softer and I feel I have forgiven the past. I am happy to be with myself and appreciate every moment with my family, knowing how precious every minute is and how a situation can change in a heartbeat. I feel energized, more alive happier, calmer and healthier. I am accepting of myself, feel more in balance I have a wonderful mind and “I am who I am!”."

*** For more testimonials and information about the teacher training in 2017, click here. ***

About The "Yoga For Real Life" Teacher Training With Maya Fiennes

The Maya Fiennes "Yoga For Real Life" Teacher Training is suitable for those who want to embark on a career as a yoga teacher, teachers who would like to improve their current skills, as well as yogis who simply would like to deepen their understanding and improve their practice. You will need to have a minimum of two years' experience of practising yoga. Trainees often start as students and then decide to dedicate themselves more seriously to the study, investigation and propagation of yoga. Some have had experience elsewhere and have reached a level where they feel ready to consider teaching. Others may have no intention of leaving their current work, but simply want to develop the knowledge and ability to confidently guide others in this rewarding practice.

Maya Fiennes Kundalini Teacher Training

The Training comprises the general study of Kundalini yoga and Maya Fiennes' "Yoga for Real Life". Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation practice will also form a daily part of the practice. There will be a variety of modules covering such themes as Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga history and Philosophy and groupings and sequencing techniques. Where applicable out-of-house specialists will run the modules.

Teaching will be both practical and theoretical on a group and individual basis, and there is a requirement for you to spend your own time reading and keeping a yoga diary. We will work to a full and exciting schedule.

This is the approximate daily schedule and is subject to change:

  • 7:00AM–8:00AM Breakfast
  • 8:00AM–9:00AM = Morning Practice with Maya
  • 9:00AM-10:00AM = Training
  • 10.00AM-10.30AM = Mid-morning Break
  • 10:30AM–1:00PM Practice and training
  • 1:00PM–2:00PM Group lunch
  • 2:00PM–4:00PM Training
  • 4:00PM-7:00PM = Free time
  • 7:00PM-Onwards = Dinner and free time

Every 7th day is a “free-day.” Suggested activities include working on personal projects and studying, enjoying the beach right in front of the hotel and surrounding beaches, and excursions where you can check out the beautiful surrounding areas.

Places are going fast; Book your spot today!

Maya Fiennes Coral Crete Teacher Training

    About The Accommodation

    Maya Fiennes Coral Crete Teacher Training

    The Coral Hotel is a sea-front hotel which resides on the golden, sandy beach of the famous Orthi Ammos, Frangokastello, Crete and near the historic town of Sfakia. Only a 1.5hr bus or taxi ride away from Chania Airport, the hotel is built in traditional Greek style on a patch of land right on its own little private beach. If you are a sea lover, you'll love relaxing by the sandy beach, and watch the sunset and sunrise.

    Maya Fiennes Coral Crete Teacher Training

    About the rooms/services:

    • All rooms have a balcony or terrace, and are decorated in a traditional Greek style, with all modern conveniences.
    • Wireless internet (WiFi) available at no extra charge.
    • Twin or double beds.
    • Individually controlled heating & air-conditioning.
    • Mini fridge available in all rooms.
    • Fully renovated bathrooms with showers.
    • Hairdryer and bathroom amenities.
    • 24-hour reception.
    • Multilingual personnel.
    • Check-in at 2pm and check-out at noon.
    • Free WiFi internet connection in the lobby lounge and main bar.
    • Free outdoor parking.
    • Car rental arrangement available.
    • Mini-market and boutique within walking distance 7 days a week.
    • Doctor on call (at extra charge).
    • Laundry service (at extra charge).
    • Bicycle rental arrangements (at extra charge) and trail ride arrangements.
    • Game fishing arrangements.
    • Hiking arrangements.


    • Three vegetarian/vegan meals a day specially-prepared for the Maya Fiennes group: -
      • 07:30 - Breakfast
      • 13:00 - Lunch
      • 19:00 - Dinner
    • Teas/coffees available all day round at no extra cost.
    • Snacks prepared all day round at extra cost.
    • Soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and specialty coffees provided at extra cost.

        About The Area

        Frangokastello is the location of a castle and scattered settlement on the south coast of Crete in Chania, Greece, about 12km east of Chora Sfakion. Frangokastello has an extensive, sheltered and gently shelving sandy beach, which has provided the basis for a low key tourist industry in recent years. Tourist accommodation is scattered over the flat plain around the castle, but the area's relative remoteness has discouraged major development.

        Maya Fiennes Coral Crete Teacher Training

        The castle was built by the Venetians in 1371-74 as a garrison to impose order on the rebellious Sfakia region, to deter pirates, and to protect Venetian nobles and their properties. The Venetians named it the Castle of St. Nikitas after the nearby church. The castle has a simple rectangular shape, with a tower at each corner and the remains of a Venetian coat of arms above the main gate. The buildings within the walls, as well as the battlements, were constructed during the Ottoman Turkish occupation.

        Maya Fiennes Coral Crete Teacher Training

        On 17 May 1828 a celebrated battle was fought at Frangokastello. Hundreds of Sfakiots and Epirotes led by Hatzimichalis Dalianis, a Greek patriot from Epirus attempting to spread the Greek War of Independence from the mainland to Crete, occupied the castle, but were besieged by the Turks and massacred. However, many of the Turks were then themselves killed by rebel ambushes launched from the local gorges. According to tradition, around the anniversary of the battle each May, shadows of the armed Cretan and Epirote soldiers who lost their lives there seem to march towards the fortress around dawn. These are called Drosoulites or dew-men, and have been explained as a meteorological phenomenon.

        About the Nearby Town of Skafia

        Sfakia or Hóra Sfakíon is a town on the south coast of Crete, Greece. It is the capital of the remote and mountainous region of Sfakiá, and is a small town of just 265 inhabitants. It has two small harbors, where the ferry boats from Agia Roumeli dock, which in the summer bring the hikers from the Samaria Gorge to take buses back to the northern coast. From Hóra Saffron ferries also go to the nearby coastal town of Loutro and the island Gavdos. Hóra Sfakíon is a small village with a main harbourfront of tavernas, two mini-markets, a butcher, and a bakery. There is a quiet local beach immediately west of the village, and several pebbly beaches nearby. Hóra Sfakíon has a variety of tourist accommodations: rooms, studios, and apartments. The local economy is based on tourism, fishing, olive-oil production, and sheep and goat herding.

        Maya Fiennes Coral Crete Teacher Training

        Hóra Sfakíon prospered during the Venetian and Turkish occupations and up to the 18th century carried on a flourishing trade with its own small fleet. It was said to have had a hundred churches, but it suffered badly from wartime bombardment during the Battle of Crete and the Allied evacuation that followed. Hóra Sfakíon is famous as one of the centers of resistance against the occupying forces of both the Venetians and the Turks. The impenetrable White Mountains to the north combined with the rocky beaches on the south helped the locals fight off all invaders. Anopolis, a village near Hóra Sfakíon, is the birthplace of one of the most celebrated Cretan revolutionaries, Daskalogiannis.


      • Taxis - available from the hotel at any time of day.
      • Nearest bus stop - 50m outside of the hotel (to Sfakia Town (from Sfakia Town, you can take a bus, boat or taxi boat to various other beautiful parts and beaches of Crete like Loutro or Marmara).
      • The hotel can arrange an excursion and a taxi boat for 25 people to pick us up from the hotel to go to other beautiful beaches/towns.
      • Town of Sfakia - 14 km (about 15-20 minutes away)
      • Chania Airport - 85 km
      • The Castle of Frangokastello - 300m
      • Castle Beach - 300m
      • Orthi Ammos Sand Dunes and Beach - 1.5km
      • Supermarket (5 supermarkets nearby) 8-10pm 7 days a week - 50m
      • The Aradena, Imbros, Asfendou and Kallikratis Gorges (various distances from 1-4hrs).

        What To Bring

        Here is a list of things you should bring with you.

        For the training: -

        • Your yoga mat
        • Mat towel (if required)
        • Any other yoga equipment you require
        • Suitable yoga clothes
        • Notepads
        • Pens/Pencils
        • A cardigan or jacket (we'll be practicing outside a lot - so bring one just in case you need it)
        • A thirst for yoga and learning!

        For the hotel/area: -

        • Swim suit
        • Flip-flops
        • Beach towel
        • Good mood
        • Manners
        • Hiking shoes should you wish to explore the gorgeous nearby hiking regions by bicycle or on foot.

        Maya Fiennes Coral Crete Teacher Training


        You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn our program is comparable with most teacher training programs and there are 3 room options (which are subject to limited availability):


        • $4,300 (triple occupancy all-inclusive sea-view room)
        • $4,650 (double occupancy all-inclusive sea-view room)
        • $4,990 (single occupancy all-inclusive sea-view room) 

        Paid in the ease of two installments: -

        1. 50% upon booking:

        • Triple = $2,150
        • Double = $2,325
        • Single = $2,495

          2. The remaining 50% of the full payment due 12 weeks before the start date (12 March 2018).

            There will be a 10% increase in the price for bookings received after 31 January 2018 so hurry to receive the early bird special rate!

                Places are limited so book your spot today!

                RISK-FREE CANCELLATION POLICY - (Expires on 12 March 2018)

                If for some reason you decide the Maya Fiennes Yoga For Real Life Teacher Training is not for you, simply send a written cancellation request within 12 weeks of the program start date (12 March 2018) and we will refund your deposit in full. There will be NO refunds offered after this time. You are responsible for notifying us within the agreed upon timeframe should plans change.

                IMPORTANT NOTE: -

                The price does not include your flights or your travel to and from the hotel. It is your responsibility to book your flights and travel and make sure that you have arrived, checked-in and are at the hotel on time for the beginning of the first lesson day on 5 June 2018. Check-in is on 4 June 2018 which gives you a whole day to arrive, check-in, get settled in and have a full night's sleep, ready for the beginning of your training. The last day of the yoga teacher training is 28 June 2017 ending at 4pm and check out is the next day 29 June 2018 at midday. Kindly arrange your flights and travel accordingly.

                Getting Here

                The hotel address is Coral Hotel, Frangokastello, 73011, Crete Island, Greece, and you can get here via the following transportation methods: -

                (1) The easiest way to get from Chania airport to the hotel is by taking a taxi directly from the Arrival level. It is roughly a 1.5-hour drive and the cost is €80. We can help you arrange to split this between 4 students, so you only pay 20 each.

                (2) Public transportation as follows:

                (a) Bus route 1: From Chania Airport directly to Frangokastello (last bus at 2pm)
                (b) Bus route 2: From Chania Airport to Sfakia, change bus to Frangokastello (all day round).

                Maya Fiennes Coral Crete Teacher Training

                  HOTEL REGULATIONS

                  • Your “All-Inclusive” status begins at midday of your arrival, and ends at midday of your departure.
                  • Ordering alcohol, as well as consumption, is strictly for adults only (over 18 yrs).
                  • Any all-inclusive services are strictly for your own personal consumption.
                  • The Management has the right to withhold the “All-Inclusive” status of customers whose behaviour is inconsiderate, disruptive and/or abusive towards other guests and our staff. In addition, rights will be waived if clients offer or share their personal privileges with non “All-Inclusive” guests. We trust that you exercise your “All-Inclusive” privileges with respect, and in moderation. 

                  We so look forward to having you with us in this special teacher training with Maya Fiennes! 

                  Book your place today!