All About Love - Mondays With Maya

All About Love - Mondays With Maya

Hello to all my lovely friends!

It's all about love this week on Mondays With Maya. We discuss opening the heart and what love means to you. 

Love is the best feeling there is and in this week's video, I give you my top tip on how to immediately open up the heart with feelings of love with one of my favorite mindfulness tools, the Love Tuner. I also go through some breathing exercises that anyone can do at any time to open the heart up to the possibility of love. 

Now isn't that a wonderful thought?

Love and Opening the Heart 

I had a conversation with Love Tuner's Petra about the Love Tuner, what it means to her and how it has changed her life, and can yours also! Have a look at what she had to say.

You can get your very own Love Tuner here!

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Have a wonderful, blessed and happy week.

Lots of love,

Maya x

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Wow!!…Ive always wondered what this live tuner was all about, and now I cant wait to purchase this wonderful piece..I am a huge believer in self healing and this will be great for me, my kids, my friends.Thank you so much for sharing..
And since I missed Monday with Maya, I am doubling up the breathing excersice..wooohooo to the love tuner :)

Laurie Razo ( AKA..Raz )

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