Love Tuner - Mindfulness Tool (528 Hz Frequency Single Tone Flute)


The LOVE TUNER is a mindfulness tool, a single tone flute that aligns ourselves with the 528 Hz frequency, the so-called Love Frequency. Have a look at the video below to see why I love the Love Tuner.


Most of us find it really hard to meditate. In fact if we are really truthful we spend 20 minutes in tortured concentration wishing the end to come quickly. The Love Tuner puts an end to all that. It's an instant meditation tool, great for breath awareness and it takes you into a deeply peaceful state almost immediately. There is a lot about "all being connected", which again can feel like an intellectual concept. The Love Tuner makes me feel that "Oneness" instantly. 

I use the power of Love Tuner in my classes and workshops and I highly recommends that you use it to tune in at the beginning of your yoga session... It will help you enter a state in which you can then benefit from my yoga the most. I recently dedicated a Mondays With Maya post to the Love Tuner and also spoke with the founders of this wonderful product. 

See what the Love Tuner advocate, Petra Berg had to say about the Love Tuner, what it means to her and how it has changed her life, and can do the same to yours also.


Why tune? To reduce stress, prevent burnout, strengthen your immune system, improve your health, find inner peace, to let go. 

How to tune? Blow in to the love tuner gently to create a smooth long note with a constant volume, make the note last as long as you like, after exhaling, inhale through your nose allowing air flow in to the centre of your body, then inhale again at least 6 in and out breaths. After tuning enjoy the silence for a moment.

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