How to Unlock The Chakras - Mondays With Maya

Hi everyone,

How have you been finding our little Chakra workouts recently? This week I'll be continuing my streak of Chakra talk! People often want to know how to unlock the chakras so here's a little video giving you the low down.

How to Unlock the Chakras - Mondays with Maya Fiennes

In order to unlock the chakras, we use the tools from Kundalini Yoga: breathing, mantras, and meditations, to unlock the specific chakra we want. The chakras each have different vibrations, different frequencies, different colors and each relate to a different element. Used specifically on whichever chakra we are working on, we use these tools with the designated breath, mantra and meditation to unlock that area and that certain chakra. To refresh your memory on what the chakras are, where they are located and what they do, take a look at this previous Mondays with Maya post.

If you want to work your way through the chakras and get the tools to unlock them all, try my specially tailored 7-week, complete lifestyle, yoga and meditation program, The Maya Fiennes Method which guides you through each one of the seven chakras every week!

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