What Are Chakras? - Mondays With Maya

What Are Chakras? - Mondays With Maya

Sat nam, friends!

Whether you are familiar with Kundalini Yoga or just getting into it, you might have heard the word "Chakras" being thrown around! So what exactly are the Chakras, how many are there and where are they? I'm dedicating this week's Mondays With Maya to these wonderful little things called Chakras!

What Are Chakras? - Mondays With Maya


Chakras are energy points in our bodies. When we breathe, the air firstly goes into our energy points and from then on, gets distributed to the various organs relating to the respiratory system. There are 7 chakras located from the base of the spine to the top of the head. 

What Are The 7 Chakras? 

Here is a list of the chakras!

  • First: Root Chakra (located in the pelvic floor)
  • Second: Sacral Chakra (located in the sacrum)
  • Third: Navel Chakra (located in the navel)
  • Fourth: Heart Chakra (located in the heart)
  • Fifth: Throat Chakra (located in the throat)
  • Sixth: Third eye Chakra (located in the middle of the forehead)
  • Seventh: Crown Chakra (located in the space just above the head)

The first three chakras form a lower triangle, and the last three chakras form the upper triangle, and the heart is the bridge from the lower into the upper chakras. 

Next week, I'll discuss how you can use the chakras in your everyday life, but if you can't wait, check out my specially tailored 7-week, complete lifestyle, yoga and meditation program, The Maya Fiennes Method which works through each one of the seven chakras each week!

Have a fantastic week!


Maya x

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