Buddha Chakra Pendant by Maya Fiennes (22ct Gold-Plated Sterling Silver)


As worn by Maya Fiennes in all her productions, this handcrafted sterling silver (925) 22K gold plated Buddha Chakra pendant called “The Modern Day Talisman”, has 7 semi-precious stones with healing properties (diamond, amethyst, aqua marine, peridot, citrine, zircon, and ruby), one to represent each of the 7 Chakras (energy points). The Turquoise and gold stone are attached to the throat which is beneficial for healing the thyroid and balancing the metabolism. Wearing the pendant will activate and balance all the Chakras and every time you touch it is a reminder to “be present”. It is believed to give answers to questions if you tune into it by holding it while closing your eyes and focusing on your query. It's beautiful and timeless, and doesn't mark or taint when wet. The rope necklace is durable and sure to last.

Whether it be in relationships, health, nutrition, or self discovery, Maya helps you create a lifestyle where the impossible becomes the possible and she created the Buddha Chakra Pendant with that in mind. It is guaranteed that whoever wears this “Modern Day Talisman” will instantly feel better.


Category: Jewelry

Type: Jewellery


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