Mondays With Maya: The Benefits of Squatting For The Second Chakra

Mondays With Maya: The Benefits of Squatting For The Second Chakra

Sat nam!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend, my friends! Last week, we talked about how to ground the Root chakra. Today, we’re exploring more on how to stabilize and align our second chakra using a method you’ve probably seen before—squatting!

Before we get into the benefits of squatting, let’s talk about what the second chakra signifies. The second, or sacral, chakra, is located just below the belly button and is represented by the color orange. It’s the seat of our personal creativity and zest for life!

You can learn more about this very important chakra—and the rest of the seven chakras—in the Maya Fiennes Method seven-week program. Each week, I focus on clearing blockages from each chakra by teaching you movements and meditations that take just seven minutes a day.

The second chakra is where inspiration comes from, and where our emotions and relationships grow out of. When your sacral chakra is aligned, you’ll feel:

  • Creatively energized
  • In touch with the world
  • Empathetic to the people around you
  • Emotionally healthy and stable

Symptoms of an unbalanced second chakra are addiction, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and restlessness.  When your sacral chakra is out of alignment, you might also feel:

  • Overly emotional
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Numb and out of touch with yourself and your emotions
  • Co-dependent

I spend an entire week showing you exercises to help open up your creativity and align the second chakra in the Maya Fiennes Method! I created this easy, seven-week program because I wanted to help people feel aligned, grounded, inspired, and confident in just seven minutes a day (seriously). In the program, we work through all seven chakras with quick, 7-minute daily exercises. It’s so simple and fun! Learn more here.

In today’s video, my friends from Human Garage in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles show me how squatting for just a few minutes a day can realign your physical body—and your chakras!

By sitting in a squatting position for three to five minutes, you’re relieving pressure from the lower belly and sacral area of the body.  This helps clear the energy and align your internal organs and chakras. If you can’t sit in a squat position because of past injuries or because it’s painful, you can simply apply pressure to the sacral area for a few minutes (although I think sitting in a squat is much easier!).

Take a look at the video to learn more about the science behind squatting, and try it out for yourself!

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