My Perspective on Joy - Mondays with Maya

My Perspective on Joy - Mondays with Maya

Hello again,

This week it's all about the joy! I recently came back from a week-long retreat in Mexico curated by the founders of TEDx, called An Ode to Joy. The retreat was an exploration into cultivating joy inspired by The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s “Book of Joy.”

Many presenters gave talks including Book of Joy's co-author, Douglas Abrams, the founder of the TEDx movement, and many more, including me! Here's a little insight into my perspective on Joy.

My Perspective on Joy - Mondays with Maya

As I say in the video, music is a very big part of my life, and always has been. It plays a big role in my life as a yoga teacher. After the discussion, I was asked to play a bit of piano for them, and you can watch it here, too. It's one of my own compositions I wrote for a movie, and it's called "By the Sea." Enjoy!

I taught yoga and KundaDance at the retreat and it really was wonderful. Here are a few other moments from this lovely retreat in Mexico.

Ode of joy retreat in Mexico :

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Share the Joy conference at Rancho la Puerta

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As a surprise we had opera singing ; opera Ambulante

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More yoga .,

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Hope you enjoyed! See you next week.


Maya x

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