Maya Fiennes "Bliss"

Maya Fiennes "Bliss"

Hello my dear friends

I'm so excited to share with you all my second single, called Bliss (Wahe Guru Mantra) which was released 14 June 2016.

Maya Fiennes Bliss

Maya Fiennes Bliss

Following on from my first single Love Now for the forthcoming album, Shift, I have engaged with several collaborators on my second single, BLISS. Using the foundation of the Waheguru mantra, this song was made to soothe and uplift the listener, taking you on a musical journey that encompasses electronica along with my vocals, and I’m proud to say, some gorgeous haunting backing vocals provided by my daughter, Shanti.

The track also features some of yoga’s best known teachers and advisors such as Elena Brower and Ron Obadia, LA based songwriter and composer, Morgan Sorne, and Magnus Fiennes, who co-wrote and produced the track.

As one of the most powerful mantras, Waheguru has been described by some as an experience of ecstasy that is beyond all description.

Allow yourself to be bathed in the beauty of Bliss.


You can find it here on iTunes.

I hope you enjoy and please share the BLISS on...

Love always

Maya x

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