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Hello Friends!

Thanks so much for taking an interest in my music.

Music is my passion. It's always been in my life and is my driving force. When other kids were playing with toys, I was always playing the piano and pretending I was performing at a concert. I used to get into a zone all on my own! This still happens now when I'm in the studio or performing at a concert. I get into a flow, in the creative zone where time stops. I get so focused listening to the breath and the musical notes. The feeling is addictive, mesmerizing, amazing, and precious. I am so happy to share this world with you, to let you in on my zone and my little piece of heaven.

Here's a video on what music means to me: 

I am excited to share with you all of my music. From mantras, meditation to inspirations, I have also included a lot of sneak peaks and behind-the-scenes to all of my new music here as well.

You can find my music on iTunesGoogle Play and SoundCloud. Feel free to share the music and the love! 

Behind The Scenes 

I am often invited to perform at shows and events, and always have so much fun when I do. Here's a little clip of my performance at the David "Avocado" Wolfe Longevity Show.
I always have so much fun in the studio, whether it's preparing for live shows or recording my music such as my new album Shift, with songs such as Bliss and Love Now. There is something magical and elemental about expressing your soul through the vibration of sounds. Below is a snapshot of me working on a brand new mantra Ram Das Guru, the guru of healing and opening the heart. In kundalini yoga, meditation and mantra are used to clear the mind of conscious, ego-driven thoughts that restrict us from experiencing joy. A mantra consists of a series of sounds - often Sanskrit words with powerful meanings - specifically designed for different effects. With Ram Das Guru, I hope you find the divinity in yourself and in your everyday life. Have a look at these sneak previews and inside looks into my creative process with this new, never-before-seen-or-heard song.
As you know, making an album is definitely a creative effort. Check out the latest pap shots from our creative process:

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More About My New Single, Bliss

I am so so excited share with you my new Featured Single - "Bliss".

Maya Fiennes yoga music Bliss

A List of Maya Fiennes' Most Recent Albums and Singles: