Maya Fiennes "Mood Mantras"

Renowned singer, pianist and yoga guru Maya Fiennes combines her beautiful and ethereal musical energies with powerful kundalini mantras and cool chill-out grooves to create a distinct blend of mood music perfect for either yoga practice/physical exercise, or sophisticated relaxation. With elements of World music, urban beats and her classical heritage in evidence throughout, this is the best of eclectic.

Maya Fiennes Yoga Music Mood Mantras

Maya Fiennes Mood Mantras

The complete list of songs:

Track 1 - Sa Ta Na Ma [7:31]

Track 2 - Ra Ma Da Sa [7:28]

Track 3 - Guru Ram Das [6:41]

Track 4 - Mool Mantra [5:23]

Track 5 - Wahe Guru [5:03]

Track 6 - Wahe Guru Wahe Jio [14:30]

Track 7 - Sat Kar Tar [4:38]

Track 8 - Easy 7/8 [3:20]



Available from iTunes here.

Bonus - Maya Fiennes Mood Mantras Album - All The Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to all of the songs on the Mood Mantras album, with translations and meanings, for you to sing along to, and a special meditation for you to do while listening to track 7. 

1. Wahe Guru Wahe Jio

(Mantra, repeat 5 times each breath)

Wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe jio,
Wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe jio,
Wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe jio,
Wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe jio,
Wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe jio, 

Translation: Indescribably great is God's infinite, ultimate wisdom. This mantra means clear perception of what is important to preserve... links the essence of your purpose to the greater minds and souls in the cosmos.

2. Sa Ta Na Ma

Sa Ta Na Ma,

Sa Ta Na Ma,
Sa Ta Na Ma,
Sa Ta Na Ma. 

(Chorus, repeat)

Sa ta na ma, wahe guru,
Sa ta na ma,
Sa ta na ma, wahe guru,
Sa ta na ma,
Sa ta na ma, wahe guru,
Sa ta na ma,
Sa ta na ma, wahe guru,
Sa ta na ma. 

Translation: Sa is infinity. Ta is life. Na is death. Ma is rebirth. This mantra balances the hemispheres of the brain and releases negative thought patterns from the subconscious mind. 

3. Ra Ma Da Sa

(Mantra-Chorus, repeat)
Ra ma da sa, sa say so hung… 

Translation for mantra, Ra ma da sa, sa say so hung: Ra is the sun. Ma is the moon. Da is the earth. Sa is infinity. Say is Thou. So Hung is I am Thou.Yogi Bhajan said this is the most powerful healing mantra he taught.

4. Guru Ram Das 

Guru, guru, wahe guru, Ram Das guru (repeat)

Translation: Guru - teacher or guide that brings on from the darkness to the light, Wahe – exclamation of ecstacy like ''WOW GOD!''Ram Das - The fourth Sikh Guru who inspired Yogi Bhajan to come to the West and teach Kundalini Yoga. This was a personal mantra Yogi Bhajan received after doing seva or service at the Golden Temple. By chanting this mantra, you call upon the guidance and protection of Guru Ram Das.

5. Mool (Mul) Mantra 

Revengeless and born self-illuminated,
Truth shall ever be,
Nanak says truth shall ever be. 

Self, self, illuminated, illuminated..

Ek on kar, ek ong kar, ek ong kar…

(Mantra-chorus, repeat)
Ek ong kar,
Sat nam,
Karta purkh,
Nirbhao, nirvair,
Akal moort,
Ajuni, sai bhang,
Gur prasaad,
Ad such,
Jugad such,
Habhe such, nanak hosi bhee such. 

Meditate, meditate, meditate..


Translation for Mul Mantra: There is one Creator who created this creation. Truth is His name. He is the Doer of everything. He is fearless and revengeless, the Image of the infinite, unborn, self illumined, complete in the self. This is revealed by the True Guru's Grace. Meditate! This was true in the beginning. This was true through all the ages. This is true even now. Oh Nanak it is forever true. Mul means root. This is the root mantra.

6. Wahe Guru

Ek ong kar,
Sa ta na ma,
Wahe guru. 

(mantra-chorus, repeat)
Wahe guru

Ek ong kar,
Sa ta na ma,
Wahe guru, 

(mantra-chorus, repeat)
Wahe guru 

7. Sat Kar Tar

(mantra-chorus, repeat)
Sat, kar, taar 

Meditation: Sat-hands in prayer position over the heart. Kar-hands are extended, palms facing away from body, under shoulders. Taar-hands, palms facing out, arms extended out from shoulders. This is a meditation to help open the heart.


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