Maya Fiennes "Love Now"

Maya Fiennes "Love Now"

I am very excited to be sharing with you a sneak preview of my new single ‘Love Now’ - released on May 2nd 2016. It is from my forthcoming album, 'SHIFT'.

Maya Fiennes Love Now

maya fiennes love now cover

I know it has been some time since you have heard new music from me. I am so happy to be back writing and recording music and it is a real joy for me to be able to share it with you all.

Love Now – the new single from my forthcoming album ‘SHIFT” – is about embracing the light and dark. I sing the mantra Sat Siri Siri Akal, which accompany the uplifting and stirring instrumental bed co-written with LA based composer, Danny Cocke. Every track on the album has been written to a different frequency which aim to take the listener into a blissful inner journey. ‘Love Now’ is at the frequency of 528hz. The Love Frequency.

Recording Love Now - Behind the Scenes

Here is a little video taken from a live radio interview I did, with me singing Love Now. (Don't mind the short delay - live radio is unpredictable and challenging - but that's what life is all about!)

Love Now is a reminder to LOVE all that is in front of us; not later when things are fine but LOVE NOW!  I had so much love and fun recording the album! Here is a picture of me with Danny Cocke, the producer on Love Now, during our time in the studio.
Maya Fiennes Danny Cocke Love Now

Love Now on Sound Cloud

Love Now on iTunes


You can find it here on iTunes.

Lots of Love

Maya x

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