Kundalini Kale - Nutrition With Maya

Kundalini Kale - Nutrition With Maya

Hello, friends!

I hope you are still all relaxing and enjoying yourselves. I trust that everyone had an amazing time over the holidays, mingling with friends, family, and loved ones... Eating, drinking and generally being very merry!

If, however, you need something a little lighter to nibble on after all the festivities, and want to make something that hardly takes any time or thought at all (unlike most of the things we've spent a good few days preparing and eating over the holidays), I recommend my favorite go-to light meal... Kundalini kale salad! 

Kundalini Kale - Nutrition With Maya

I call it "Kundalini Kale" because, just like we need a little Kundalini love to bring the best out in us, so does Kale! Let's face it: Kale isn't the tastiest thing on the planet, but it's so good for you! So to make it the best it can be, it needs a little work. My trick to making it flavorful is massaging the seasoning into the kale with my bare hands so that it fills up all the kale's little nooks and crannies. Here's how to make it:


  • Kale
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon or lime
  • Pinch of Himalayan salt
  • Of course, you can add any seasoning or herbs of your choice, e.g. oregano, garlic or onion (fresh or powder), turmeric, dill, etc., etc., but I like to keep it extremely simple.  


Put the kale in a bowl and sprinkle some olive oil onto it. Massage the kale with your hands for a couple of minutes. This way all of the juices come out and the oil really gets into every single crevice of the kale. Add as much lemon or lime as you like and a pinch of salt and you're good to go.

Try massaging your kale and let me know if you like it, or comment below if you have any other easy kale tricks or recipes you'd like to share with us!

If you feel that you've overindulged (firstly, don't worry - we've all been there) and need a little extra help detoxing, why not try my grapefruit cleanse?


Maya x

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