Yoga Teacher Training Program

Maya Fiennes "Yoga For Real Life" RYT200-hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program

After a lot of requests from students, I launched the "Yoga for Real Life" Teacher Training Program in 2015. I followed Yogi Bhajan's words, "I did not come to collect students, but to train teachers."


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Maya Fiennes Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 2018

The 2018 Maya Fiennes "Yoga for Real Life" Kundalini Yoga teacher training is now complete and we had an amazing time. Click here to see some of the highlights from this year's training and the lovely students... and now qualified yoga teachers!

Maya Fiennes Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 2017

The Maya Fiennes "Yoga for Real Life" Kundalini RYT200-Hour Intensive One-Month Yoga Teacher Training took place in May-June 2017 in sunny Greece and was an amazing, transformative and inspirational journey! Click here to see more photos from the 2017 training. Here are some of the wonderful things the students of this course (and now qualified international registered yoga teachers) had to say about this experience.

Click here for more information about the 2017 teacher training program

Maya Fiennes Yoga For Real Life Teacher Training 2017

Class of 2017!

Testimonials from the Class of June 2017

"Maya Fiennes really has created a Yoga For Real Life. She is amazing and inspiring. She takes so much knowledge and makes it digestible and applicable to the everyday person. It’s like a manual for getting balanced within the human body and focusing the mind. And it’s tangible!  Maya is amazing. She really knows how to guide people into their greater self and stay there."

"Kundalini yoga and doing the training with Maya has changed my life, it has given me a focus. I am now able to make plans for the future, plans that I am excited about and I feel that my future is clear. My mind is kinder and softer and I feel I have forgiven the past. I am happy to be with myself and appreciate every moment with my family, knowing how precious every minute is and how a situation can change in a heartbeat. I feel energized, more alive happier, calmer and healthier. I am accepting of myself, feel more in balance I have a wonderful mind and “I am who I am!”."

"When I saw that Maya was doing teacher training in Greece I knew I had to go. After doing her DVDs for years I wanted to learn from her this incredible method. These past weeks have taken me to the most incredible journey of self-realization. The more I learned about Kundalini technology the more I could put the pieces of my puzzle together. I also realized how many secrets I had kept throughout these years and I was finally able to release them. I had a blast teaching the exam class! I knew at that moment I want to teach Kundalini yoga for the rest of my life! Finishing this course has come full circle for me. I do not regret not graduating before because I didn't know better at the time, but receiving my Kundalini yoga certificate during graduation and knowing what it took for me to get to this point meant the world to me. Now, that was true success! My foundation gets stronger and stronger as I keep practicing Kundalini yoga. I like feeling grounded more and more. I now have amazing Kundalini yoga tools to keep me balanced."

"For many years, I was scared to death and had deep-rooted doubts and grief about my existence of life and death. There were times I was so afraid to die, but then there were also times I wanted die. I felt like a bird trapped in a cage, but really the door was open the whole time. From all I have learned up until this point and now with the Kundalini yoga, I have no question. I am not afraid to live or die anymore! Actually, while I am alive, I want to do more than live. I want to make this life the best it can be! This is a transformation that comes only once-in-a-lifetime! Thank you, Maya Fiennes for sharing your wisdom, knowledge, love and kindness. It was a pleasure and I will always be grateful. I look forward to sharing this with as many people as I can."

"I first came across Maya Fiennes at the London Yoga Show. Maya didn’t do any of the usual explanation or ‘faffing’; within the first few seconds of the workshop we were all raising our hands in the air and bouncing forward shouting HAR HAR! It was Kundalini without the traditional baggage, and yet had the same effect, I loved her style! So when I opened an email telling me Maya was doing a teacher training, I felt it was right immediately. The course itself was definitely intensive, there was a lot of information to take in and we did a lot of yoga. It was excellent. There were so many memorable moments. I definitely feel I have the permission I was looking for to pass on my knowledge of yoga from someone who I admire so much, and have learned so much from; Maya. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and confidence she has provided me with. She really does make the beautiful practise of Kundalini Yoga accessible to us in our ‘real’ lives, and I feel totally competent to guide people through this practice, with joy, enthusiasm and laughter! As an extra bonus, I have met 16 phenomenal women. We have shared a transformational experience, each of us built up by the others.I know they will always support me in being my authentic self and I am so very grateful for that."

"I saw by chance that Maya is offering a teacher training in Greece, so I tried everything to make it happen so I could be there for the month. With Kundalini Yoga, I feel that I hold an instrument in my hands, which helps me in almost everything. Whether it is a mental or physical problem, Kundalini Yoga has one or more exercises for everything. For personal growth, it is like an express train, not just by cultivating ones chakras and helping the Kundalini ascend, there are so many great meditations and mantras with an incredible effect. The time during the Kundalini Teacher Training was extremely instructive in every respect, it was exciting, beautiful and also hard and challenging at the same time. But it was worth it. I learned a lot from Maya and am very grateful for that. Our group was a phenomenon. We understood each other very well and were close from day one. Everyone helped and encouraged everyone. It felt as if Maya had brought together a group of women who had already worked together in other lives or on different levels. Thank you for everything and Sat Nam."

"Hi Maya! This is a picture of me teaching my first kundalini yoga class [6 weeks after completing the Maya Fiennes "Yoga For Real Life" teacher training].

Can't thank you enough for all I learned in Greece! ❤🙏"
-Zelena Garcia


Testimonials for the Maya Fiennes "Yoga For Real Life" RYT200-hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program 2015

The first group of students qualified at the end of 2015 as international registered yoga teachers after attending the two-part course in London and Cornwall. You can read some of their testimonials below. As you'll read, these people have come to my yoga from different walks of life, but all agree that yoga provides natural and positive support to our busy, stressful and challenging lives.

Class of 2015!

These students, now teachers, have decided that they want to help others by sharing their positive experiences with me and my yoga, whilst continuing to help themselves. See below just a few of the wonderful things they said about the Maya Fiennes "Yoga For Real Life" teacher training program:


"After a wonderful eleven days with Maya in London, I simply cannot adequately express the effect Maya’s teaching, her amazing energy and personality have had on my life. Nor can I find the right words to adequately express my gratitude for her choosing to be alive at the same time as me! I have been shaken and stirred and I am so enjoying the cocktail of music and exercise, mantras and study. I am loving the new stronger me and the effect it is having on my nearest and dearest - that is the awesome bit. Thank you so very much for all the loving energy you put into the preparation and delivery of your wonderful, healing, strengthening, awakening, intuitive, exciting teaching. I have learned so much from Maya; I could not have a more inspirational teacher."
-Cherry C.

"Maya is so inspirational and a joy to be with. I'm so glad I picked Maya's course over the others I was looking at as her style suits me perfectly. Also her comments on my teaching blew me away and have given me renewed confidence. Considering I dreaded speaking in front of people when I started this course and now I feel confident teaching larger groups (I had 20 people in my class last night!!) I have come a very long way since April."
-Beth M.

"The first thing I would like to say is Thank You! I don’t know where to start, but I feel you should know how much you are helping other people. After only attending the 2nd part of your Masterclass, I suddenly realized what happened to me - the massive impact in my life - the transformation. I started kundalini yoga about 1.5 years but finally after practicing your 40-day chakra exercises & mantras challenges, I found out I was becoming new person! After all I’ve been through, it’s kundalini yoga & meditations which saved my life. I tried everything and nothing really worked for me, then I bought your Detox & Destress DVD, and I still remember lying on the floor and feeling amazing. For the first time in my life after so many stressful years my head was clear and relaxed even for few minutes! I bought another of your DVDs and did them as often as I could. Then I found out about your Masterclass and I knew... this could help me change my life. I started to love myself, appreciate myself, be proud of my self, and felt I had the right to live MY OWN life and do what I want to do. You didn’t just give me my life back, you gave me new better life. You are helping real people transform their lives by through kundalini yoga. Thank you Maya."
-Monika R.

“Maya Fiennes is a force of nature. Her down to earth and simple approach to yoga is built on many years of study and personal practice. Her teachings are based on the very best techniques for the physical as well as the spiritual side of yoga, unlocking its secrets to create life changing experiences for her students throughout the world. Her methods are based on using the 7 Chakras to identify what blockages her students are experiencing and finding the best yoga practice to address them. Maya believes that our bodies hold the keys to our success and can also set our limitations. Working with the Chakras to decode what our bodies tell us and putting together the answers to unlock our ultimate potential is Maya’s specialty. That is what sits at the heart of her philosophy, her passion, her Yoga for Real Life.”

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Please note, students must have a minimum of 2 years practice before being accepted onto the Maya Fiennes "Yoga for Real Life" 200-hour teacher training course.

Please see our Syllabus, Code of Conduct, Refund Policy, Complaints Procedure, and Terms & Conditions.

15 Responses

Gemma Crookes
Gemma Crookes

September 02, 2018

Good afternoon. I am interested in your teaching training. Would I be able to have some more information please and when your next course will be?
Thank you

Tania Browning
Tania Browning

May 31, 2018

Hi there, I am just enquiring about teacher training. Will you be offering TTs in any other destinations? thank you. Namaste :]

KC Dyer
KC Dyer

February 23, 2018

This is on my vision board, please universe manifest this for me.

Darina Kabardina
Darina Kabardina

January 27, 2018

Good day,
My name is Darina Kabardina. I would like learn everything about kundaliny joga.
Thank you so much for informations about it. Dar


November 03, 2017

Hi, I am very interested in the kunda dance. Would you please send me information of how to enrol?


September 11, 2017

Hi, I come from Norway and am interested in your teacher course in Greece. Looking forward to hearing if there is something I can choose. My English is not so good, but I can learn from my level? Sincerely Karina


May 30, 2017

Hello, i am Anastasia from Cyprus. I am interest about the Kundalini Teaching Training this year.Can i have some informations about the dates and fees please.
Thank you <3


March 10, 2017

I do not speak English, but now everything is possible with the help of an “interpreter.”
I want to express my great sincere Gratitude, Maya, for your video lessons that have been with me for the third year already. You brought me back to Life! I breathe, I live in peace and quiet, in harmony with my Self. My Body is filled with Divine Energy, my Consciousness expands, attachments and stereotypes disappear. I feel the inner Light and natural Power coming from the Heart itself … I really wanted to know the unconditional Love and I feel Her birth inside me! I become the realized Giver of that pure and bright that lives inside of me …
I love You, beautiful Maya … Thank … Namaste … SAT NAM …


December 07, 2016

Hi Maya and all the team, which helps you! I would like to ask the plan of yoga trainings in 2017. I was living in India and Nepal, Himalaya. Now I need praktical knowledges for real live! I like kundalini yoga and will be happy to learn more about it. Worm regards from Russia, Viktoria Lordan

Anita Herbert
Anita Herbert

November 30, 2016

I’ve signed up on Maya’s teacher training list but I wondered if you could tell me if you know the UK dates for the next intake? I’m desperate to sign up for it!
With warmest wishes,
anita x

Gry Arnesen
Gry Arnesen

November 28, 2016

Hello i am from Norway and want to buy love tuner and program for 7.week
Can you send me a link?
Mvh gry

Andrew Balfour
Andrew Balfour

November 05, 2016

I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga by a friend of mine and I am enjoying it very much but wanted to ask a few questions which maybe you could help with?
I am a self employed Joiner to trade and I am 46 years old.Over the years I’ve had on going problems with back and neck and shoulders.
I’d really like to know what yoga would be best for a person in the building trade?
There seems to be so many different DVDS on yoga that I’m confused as to whats best for myself .
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


November 03, 2016

Please send me details of dates and costs for the next Teacher Training Course

Thank you

Team Maya
Team Maya

September 11, 2016

Hello Sarah, we recently updated this page so there is now an email sign up form. Please sign up to Maya’s Yoga Teacher Training Waitlist so you will be first to know when Maya starts her yoga teacher training program again!

x Team Maya

Sarah Stevens
Sarah Stevens

August 25, 2016

Please send me details of dates and costs for the next Teacher Training Course

Thank you

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