3 Day Holiday Immune Boost

Maya Fiennes

Join me for this 3 day online retreat to improve and strengthen your immune system!

3 Day Holiday Immune Boost 

At this time of year we can often feel more tired, run down and be more susceptible to illness so now is the perfect time to deepen our own self care and give special attention to boosting our Immune Systems!

Reset your system and get your holiday glow with my new 3 day online Winter Boost!

Through day 1 &2 of this online event I will be sharing my unique Chakra cleanse programme – it allows you to estimate where you need to focus for better health – it allows you to become your own doctor!!

This unique programme uses the power of mantra combined with meditations and exercises to release stagnancy and balance the energy within the body, reducing stress, building disease resistance, improving overall health and wellbeing and boosting your immune system. On the final day we will combine powerful ancient Kriyas with Tai Chi and Chi Gong practices to integrate all the chakra work. We will practice Kundadance everyday too - exercise is essential to help your immune cells regenerate regularly!

Good nutrition is key for a healthy immune system and I have devised a 3 day menu for this cleanse with all my favourite immune boosting recipes - health elixirs, seasonal smoothies, warming soups and delicious nutritious meals. These recipes are packed full of antioxidants for radiant health!


3 DAY MENU for BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM – each day there will be different recipes including health elixirs and tonics, smoothies, soups, meals and snacks.

4 hour video classes with me. Classes will include my exclusive Estimate Yoga Programme, Kundadance, Kundalini Kriyas, Tai Chi, QiGong, Mantras and Meditation!