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Online Class Videos: 4 Videos Bundle #3

Online Class Videos: 4 Videos Bundle #3

Maya Fiennes

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This bundle includes 4 online class videos: 


Bulletproof Yoga

This class, I call it BULLETPROOF - so by this, I mean making yourself strong so nothing can touch you, the focus is on strengthening immunity…really getting our immune system boosted!


Remove Obstacles

We are what stands in the way - so we will look at our blocks... remove the observe the blockages and observe ourselves as we create the blockages! Class includes pranayama, meditation and mantra!


Raise Your Vibration

In this class we will work on the pituitary gland - this is a super important chakra and also called the 3rd eye. When we open this chakra we raise our vibration and our frequency goes up, it is great for overcoming depression and down emotions!


Total Reset

Once you get alignment with the chakras then your body and your organs are strong and you achieve your ultimate health, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally!
This class includes mantra, pranayama movement and other tips and tools to look after your vagus nerve.

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