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Online Class Videos: 6 Videos Bundle #2

Online Class Videos: 6 Videos Bundle #2

Maya Fiennes

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This bundle includes 6 online class videos: 


Access To Joy 1&2

This classes will bring you into alignment and experience Source Energy. We will be raising our vibration to a higher frequency - aligning to the frequency of who we really are. Remember when you are experiencing JOY, you are in alignment with your true self.


How To Build Trust

When we bring trust into our relationships, we give others room to grow and meet us in this realm of spontaneity, openness, and abundance. In this powerful class we will work on building a stronger connection with ourself!


Loving Yourself

Self-love is dynamic and when we act in ways that deepen our SELF LOVE, we begin to accept both our weaknesses and our strengths, we have compassion for ourselves as human beings, we are more centered in our life purpose and values and therefore live a more fulfilling life. In this powerful class we will work on cultivating a deeper SELF LOVE!


Easy Way To Prosperity

Abundance can include lots of things like happiness, health, romance, laughter, friends, peace, grace, joy, excitement, adventure, celebrations, love, etc. Are you ready to Redefine Abundance in your life? Let's do it together!


Releasing Fear

Through special movements, we will shake loose the fear that gets stuck in our memory cells and creates blockages. We will transmute fear into happiness and joy!

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