Do You Say What You Mean? - Mondays with Maya

Do You Say What You Mean? - Mondays with Maya

Hello, friends!

I hope you're having an amazing day, and I truly mean that! Do you mean what you say? Do you say what you mean? Today's Mondays with Maya is about clarity of language and how important it is to watch what we say.

Clarity of Language - Mondays with Maya

Words have a lot of power and the words we use matter. Do we blame and shame others? Do our words match our actions? Remember, with the law of attraction, the words we say will directly impact our own lives, more so than that of others. Words are the quickest way for our intentions to get out into the universe. What vibe are we sending out with the words we are using? We want to communicate with honesty, clarity, and grace.

Another important question is: do you think before you say "yes"? We live in a "yes" society, always saying "yes" now even though we don't mean it and then dealing with the issue or cancelling/bailing out at a later date. Sometimes, with our desire to please everyone, we end up overextending ourselves and agreeing to things we don't want. Creating boundaries is very important for your health - mentally and physically - and it will help our relationships, too. One of the best ways to be true to yourself, and to the people around you, is to learn how to say "NO".

A fun exercise I like to do in my classes is the NO mantra. It helps us unblock, and start getting used to saying NO - if that's what we mean. NO to negativity, NO to bad vibes, NO to anything we don't want. You can do it sitting or standing. Raising your hands up, palms forward, arms bent at the elbows, push the hands forward forcefully while shouting "NO" (and meaning it!) and then bring them back again beside the head. Continue doing this for as long as you like, sending out your intention with clarity.

Try it and let me know how you get on by either commenting below, or sending me a message on TwitterInstagram or Facebook!


Maya x

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