The Truth About Anger and How to Deal with it - Mondays with Maya

The Truth About Anger and How to Deal with it - Mondays with Maya

You may have noticed that the world seems to be full of anger lately. Anger and hate are spewed out in the media, on the socials, and in real life, too. Although there are also a lot of wonderful things that happen, they can get overshadowed by the bad and so it's no wonder that we sometimes feel angry ourselves. So many people ask me about dealing with anger and I love discussing it and helping people with their anger because, believe it or not, this is something that I've also had a problem with.

The Truth About Anger and How to Deal with it - Mondays with Maya

Click on the video below to find out the truth about anger and to see a short Kundalini yoga exercise to eliminate feelings of anger for a more peaceful, calmer you.

Here's how you can do the simple exercise to eliminate feelings of anger and immediately feel calmer: -

  1. Put the right hand in a mudra with the index and middle fingers touching and extended, and the thumb holding onto the ring and little fingers.
  2. Extend the right arm out in front of the body with the left hand on the heart. 
  3. Breathing through an open mouth with rounded lips, inhale and exhale for a couple of minutes, with the eyes closed. 

Here are a few other resources you can find on my website to help deal with anger: -

Sure, a little anger can be good sometimes; getting worked up at injustice, for instance, is only healthy, but having overwhelming feelings of anger on a daily basis is no good for anyone. The truth about anger is that:
Anger is sadness disguised. Anger is just a loud sadness. 

To get rid of anger, we must get to the root of the problem. There could be so many reasons why we are experiencing feelings of rage, and they will all stem from blocked chakras. To find out which of your chakras are blocked and what you need help on, try my free estimate program.

KundaDance - Bringing Joy to Billions

I have had an overwhelming desire to bring more joy into the world for as long as I can remember. All of my yoga programs are designed to make people happy and calm and joyful, to eliminate sadness and to help you live your best life. I created KundaDance, a yoga and dance workout, to bring more joy into the world because with all this anger flying about, we need to do things to maximize the joy. Learn more about it here and come and join me in this mission. 

Comment below or connect with me on social media and let me know how you deal with anger or if you have any questions. And don't forget to forward this to someone you feel will benefit!

Lots of love

Maya x

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