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Maya Fiennes

KundaDance Shape Up + Shake Up

KundaDance Shape Up + Shake Up

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Level up with Maya! Become a happier, healthier, more joyful version of YOU!

This exciting new program will transform your body and mind!

The Shape Up and Shake Up method is a combination of new advanced Kundadance, breathwork & meditation.

This program is specifically designed to be only 20 minutes per day, it is scientifically proven that if we overexert the body this stress will produce cortisol which can lead to weight gain. 

Maya has created this enjoyable physical, mental and emotional set which will help you balance the whole body.

Mayas’ Shape Up and Shake Up is supported by delicious SHAKES and recipes you will be able to create new habits in choosing food for life!

Here is the list of benefits:

- Balance your whole body
- Become confident to make wise food choices
- Creates new neurological pathways
- Breathe better
- Feel better
- Laugh more
- Access to joy


Each day on this programme you will receive:

- 7 Videos explaining the positions
- 7 Videos doing the positions with music
- 7 Bonus Videos
- 7 Sleep Better Meditation
- PDF with all the recipes

Take your health to a new level!

I'm so excited about this journey together!

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