Kundalini Yoga Poses

Kundalini yoga is a total workout for the body, mind and spirit. For centuries, the ancient science and technology of Kundalini was a closely guarded secret in India, passed on from master to student over years of study. But in 1969, a devout Sikh called Yogi Bhajan decided to break that secrecy, feeling that it was a much-needed tool for coping with the increasing pressures of life. He went to California with the intention of training teachers to spread Kundalini across the West, and many of his first students were former hippie flower children who found that it gave the the same high, the same feeing of confidence and connectedness that they had been getting from drugs. We're all looking for more power and energy in our lives, whether we are getting it from food, caffeinated drinks or taking drugs to enhance our senses momentarily. Kundalini yoga gives me a pure form of energy that seems to radiate from the core, connecting my heart, mind and physical being.

Kundalini yoga doesn't use a lot of props or expensive equipment. You'll enjoy it most if you're wearing loose, comfortable clothes. You'll need floor space, and maybe a yoga mat, blanket or rug if the floor is too hard, and you can enjoy it with some chilled music. Most of all you need to bring it your full attention and the commitment to give yourself this time and focus on yourself, even if only for a few minutes.

Have a look at and work through the library of Kundalini yoga poses below. See them as a set of tools that you can use for 3 minutes each day for a month or two in order to see a major difference. In Kundalini we often suggest forty consecutive days as a good time span to commit to. It's a highly symbolic number in many religions, and our bodies renew each cell in the bloodstream every forty days. It is also a long enough time span to make your practice a new habit, and to really feel the benefits of the movement you have chosen.